ServiceNow’s Guided Tours

ServiceNow has a unique feature set for end users to take a journey through the environment.  ServiceNow’s guided tour is a tool within the platform to help train and onboard users.  

What’s a Guided Tour?

Guided tours are step-by-step guides in ServiceNow that walk a user through a series of operations to navigate through the environment.  Some guided tours are designed to enable the user to complete a pre-defined task and help the user understand the “why” behind that task. These tours can greatly assist users who are new to ServiceNow and are learning how to navigate the platform.  Guided tours are available even after a user has completed it and can serve as a great resource to return to if a refresher is needed. Guided tours provide a step-by-step walkthrough of how to complete a task and can build confidence in doing so successfully. 

Guided tours can be created and located in the help menu in the Standard UI and in the header of the Service Portal homepage.

Guided Tours for End Users

An example of a guided tour for an end-user would be, “How to Navigate through the Service Portal.”  This tour could possibly highlight the key features of the Service Portal, explaining its purpose, and walk a user through how to navigate within the portal. Another example of a guided tour could be, “Submitting a Request through the Service Portal.”  This tour could guide and walk the user through the steps of submitting a request through the Service Portal. 

Guided Tours for Fulfillers

For users who are performing tasks and fulfilling tickets, guided tours can also be helpful.  For example, a guided tour could be created to walk through “How to Approve a Change Request.”  This tour would be configured with the classic UI and could utilize the Change Management workbench or the ‘my approvals’ module in the left-hand navigation.  Another example of a guided tour for a fulfiller could be “How to Create a Knowledge Article” or “How to Complete a PIR for a Major Incident.”

Tours are a powerful feature set for both end users and fulfillers alike.  Whether a user is new to ServiceNow or has been navigating in the platform for years, utilizing a tour empowers users to better understand how to properly perform a task in an efficient manner that follows the organization’s best practices.  

Want to learn more about how to create a guided tour within your environment?  Check out our blog post: “The Guided Tour Designer.