Our Approach

Keep the Perspective

Finite Partners is a ServiceNow focused Process, Development, and Training firm.

We were founded in 2017 by individuals with over ten years of ServiceNow experience.

We believe that many businesses, both our competitors and potential customers alike, often lose sight of one of the values that we hold in the utmost importance -- people. Whether it's our employees, our customer contacts, or families who use our customer's products, people are a key ingredient in life. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the people we interact with while we help companies organize and simplify their processes.

We strive to keep the tenet of "people first" in mind during everything we do. Whether we're designing a user-friendly interface, scoping a potential project, or simply conducting an internal meeting, we remember that every moment affords us the opportunity to make a positive impact.

Our Story

Meet the Team

We have a team of extremely passionate and experienced people who like working hard to make customers smile. It's our job as a company to enable them, organize them, and help make sure they have a smile on their face at the end of the day as well.


Garrett Griffin-Morales

Co-Founder and Sr. Technical Architect

Garrett has been in the ServiceNow space since early 2010 and has filled a variety of technical and management roles over the years. He specializes in HR and Domain Separation but is intimately familiar with almost every module in the system.  Garrett has worked with high profile clients in a multitude of industries.  He is pursuing his Master Architect Certification.


Jennifer Griffin-Morales

Co-Founder and Business Process Consultant

 Jennifer is an astute Service Management & ITIL ambassador with the ability to understand and integrate technical offerings in an efficient and instrumental way.   Confident professional with a passion for analyzing business processes to facilitate product delivery.  She believes in the value of the 3-P’s (People, Process, and Platform) in constructive consulting and desirable deployments.

Josh Cook

Josh Cook

Sr. Technical Architect

Nate Burnett

Nate Burnett

Sr. Technical Consultant

Josh joined Finite in July 2018, bolstering our ranks with his incredible development and workshop leading skills. Josh can code anything, and then explain it to anyone he needs to. Josh has been developing on the platform since 2012.

Nate stepped into Finite to help fill a crucial resource requirement in June 2019. Having worked on the platform since 2015, there's very little Nate hasn't done. He can handle MID Servers, Service Portal, Domain Separation, Performance Analytics, Scoped Apps, Integrations, and more.

Hunter Phillips

Hunter Phillips

Technical Consultant


Ashly Lynch

Executive Assistant

Hunter snuck in when we weren't looking at the end of July 2019, and has been coding circles around his peers every day since he joined. His passion is analytics and data and would love to help you out with a Performance Analytics implementation. He's also well rounded and can handle integrations and the ITSM suite. He's been configuring ServiceNow since early 2018.

Ashly joined the Finite Fold in late 2019 and she couldn't have joined at a more opportune time.  Since coming on board Ashly has owned our social media, marketing, and administrative initiatives.  Ashly is also in the process of becoming ServiceNow System Administrator Certified.

Utilize our Talent

With over 47 combined years of ServiceNow experience, we can tackle any issue you're facing. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help!