Importance of Knowledge Management and Different Options

When employees or customers experience an issue, many of them will try to find an answer themselves, instead of contacting an internal helpdesk or customer service. For that purpose, organizations require an efficient and easy-to-use knowledge management solution to incorporate knowledge creation into their daily work. Knowledge management supports processes related to creating, reviewing, categorizing, and approving articles that users can search and provide feedback. It is a portal view of all knowledge articles and bases.

ServiceNow Knowledge Management

ServiceNow’s Knowledge Management comes with powerful publishing and workflow tools that allow agents to create and search for knowledge content while resolving issues. It is an out-of-the-box knowledge experience for agents, employees, and customers that serves everyone – customers get solutions, while the company reduces service costs and boosts customer satisfaction.

Knowledge bases can be assigned to individual managers, separate workflows can be used for retiring or publishing articles, and separate access can be set up to control contributing and reading.

The Benefits of Adopting a Knowledge Management Strategy

Thanks to knowledge management, staff won’t need to reinvent the wheel over and over again. The burden on expert attrition is reduced, and the staff gets a baseline for measuring progress. You are able to manage large volumes of information effectively, helping employees provide faster and better service to clients. Knowledge management will help your company by:

  • Focusing on your human capital (the most important asset)
  • Linking people with each other through various collaborative methods
  • Protecting your intellectual capital
  • Re-orienting your company culture by implementing an optimal knowledge-sharing strategy

Moving away from the age of information, knowledge management opens the doors to the age of knowledge and a new era of sharing and collaboration. Knowledge management can help solve the most common business problems and help organizations increase their growth by:

  • Increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Improving business decisions
  • Improving innovation through increased collaboration
  • Standardizing ways of working and enabling discussions with experts to enhance ability and quality of collaboration
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Knowledge Management via ServiceNow and Slack Integration

Slack is a communication tool used by many companies, and it uses an architecture based on streams of data that are ordered by time. In other words, new information keeps coming in an endless waterfall, so things tend to get lost. For managing knowledge, the challenges include:

  • Information overload (in the constant stream of new updates, new knowledge quickly gets out of sight)
  • Repetitive questions (repetitive questions clutter Slack channels)
  • Search (getting to the right knowledge actually takes a lot of time and can be cumbersome)
  • Analytics

Finite Partners has chosen OneBar as an internal search tool and documentation solution to support our Slack knowledge management. OneBar can be integrated with all systems where you can find knowledge. It extracts information, stores it in a centralized index, and has a user-friendly interface that lets you find information quickly. By integrating ServiceNow, Slack, and OneBar, your agents’ workflow will become significantly smoother and more streamlined.

ServiceNow has a customizable dashboard that can reveal which employees or agents create the majority of your corporate knowledge. You can empower these individuals to document the knowledge, and you will notice a significant reduction in the learning curve for critical job functions.

Finite Partner’s experts can help you migrate all your data to ServiceNow’s platforms, integrate critical features into your existing system, and set up IT Management and Service Desks modules for the best service. Feel free to call us or ask a question on Twitter.