ServiceNow HR – System of Engagement, Not a System of Record

ServiceNow’s HR management application is a solution that can naturally and easily extend into any enterprise’s HR department. It is an application that can automate HR processes within an organization, such as phone calls, email exchanges, and the number of checklists performed by the HR team.

The goal of HR management is to improve productivity, engagement, and satisfaction of an HR department. Today’s employees expect service experiences that are consumer-grade, which is precisely what ServiceNow HR automation offers – a way for employees to quickly access the HR services they need.

What is ServiceNow HR Management?

HR management is an application that outlines, tracks, and manages your HR department’s services. By providing your employees with a centralized portal to locate any predefined services, the HR Service Catalog is designed to support your existing HR processes and systems. Cases are created whenever an employee submits a request through the Catalog, and they are automatically assigned to an appropriate HR team or specialist. The application also provides integrated reporting to provide insight into request types, workloads, and volumes so that your HR department can identify opportunities, improve resources, and align services.

How HR Service Management Improves Employee Engagement

We at ServiceNow believe that engaged employees are ones who have a great workplace experience. Just like great services lead to increased customer loyalty, great interaction in the workplace helps in building a bond between the employees and the company.

The consumerized experience of ServiceNow’s HR Management system can help companies attract and retain the top talent in the industry. It begins before an employee’s first day on the job, as your HR team provides the necessary information and support he or she needs before they start to work. 

Performing fulfilling and efficient work

The automation brought by ServiceNow can deliver a significant efficiency boost, as well as an increase in team morale. It saves thousands of work hours per year in onboarding effort, meaning that companies can scale their onboarding and recruiting efforts without having to grow their team. Being bogged down in mundane and repetitive administrative work can make your recruiting team feel frustrated. With ServiceNow, they can focus on what really motivates them – attracting and hiring the best talent.

Keeping communication streamlined

Having to send multiple emails only to answer one simple question is not a way to solve HR requests. ServiceNow addressed this issue by adding a built-in chat feature to make things easier for employees to contact someone from HR for a quick question.

HR knowledge base

HR Knowledge Base is a centralized hub of HR information that your employees can use. It is an essential tool for employees to find relevant information about topics, such as open positions, information, general payroll information, career and development information, training materials, the holiday schedule, employee policies and guidelines, etc. 

Consolidate systems

Thanks to ServiceNow’s Service Portal, employees have a system that consolidates all information in one system, including payroll information, benefits, and employee data. Storing all the information in different systems can hurt efficiency, as well as your employee experience and engagement. 

With ServiceNow’s HR management system, you can deliver the best possible experience that your employees deserve. By eliminating mundane administrative work, you will see your employees being more engaged and delivering their best in the workplace and unlocking the true potential of your HR department.

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