Byte #1: Getting Distinct Records

Note: This is a repurposed post from my old personal blog — however I’ve reviewed everything, and it’s still relevant, and Kingston compatible!

It’s a blast from the past to see the names of co-workers from 2014 — it’s a pleasure to be interacting with several of them more often again these days!

Every once in a while, I run into a situation where I need a list of distinct values from a table. The latest situation I ran into for this, I needed to get a distinct list of every user that had an open Project Task.

The easiest way to do this of course is to go to a list view, and sort by the field you care about. For example:

Project Tasks by User

For my purposes though, I wanted to send out scripted email notifications to everyone that had an open task. As a result, I needed this information available to me through scripting, which caused me to look for a different solution.

The answer came in the form of “GlideAggregate”. This is a ServiceNow custom JavaScript object that functions very similar to the popular “GlideRecord”, with a few key differences.

GlideAggregate is built to provide the functionality of gathering basic statistics — counts, averages, maximums, and minimums. However, by employing a little creativity, we can use this power to grab all the unique values of a certain field on a table.

Consider this example below that I recently used:

var ga = new GlideAggregate(“pm_project_task”);
ga.addQuery(“active”, “true”);
ga.addQuery(“assigned_to”, “!=“, “”);

while( {
     var taskCount = ga.getAggregate(“count”);
     gs.print(“User: “” - Number of Project Tasks: “+taskCount);


The above code does the following things:

  1. Counts how many project tasks are assigned to each user.

  2. Filters out project tasks that aren’t assigned to anyone.

  3. Prints out to the screen the user’s name, and how many project tasks are assigned to them.

Running that code as a Background Script, gives me the following output:

Hopefully you find this useful! In the near future I’ll be posting a few other related “How-Tos”.