The Guided Tour Designer

Become an artist while utilizing the Guided Tour Designer to bring your creation to life.  In our previous blog post, we learned about what guided tours are and how they can be helpful for users within the platform.  This post will discuss how to create a tour within your ServiceNow Instance.

How Are Guided Tours Created?

The Guided Tour Designer in ServiceNow is the tool used to create tours to help new and existing users navigate and perform tasks throughout the user interface. This feature set is useful for training and onboarding new employees as well as introducing new functionalities or processes.  System administrators and guided tour administrators have the ability to create and design multiple guided tours that cover different modules/applications. 

The Guided Tour Designer could be considered one of the most valuable tools in ServiceNow. For many tasks associated with ServiceNow, you can create a step-by-step guide available to you right in your user interface. Now, of course, this will require some additional work because some of these tours aren’t created out-of-the-box for all of the modules and applications. However, that extra work will go a long way in the end for your users.

To create a guided tour, you need the role of [sys_admin or the guided_tour_admin role]. You can find the tour designer in the application navigator under ‘guided tours.’  From there you can select if your guided tour will be for the Standard UI or the Service Portal. You also have the option to choose the starting page, which is the page that the guided tour will launch from. 

Tours can be customized for access by all users or only users with specific roles. All guided tours start off with a brief introduction and will allow the user to know if this is the proper tour they should use. 

The Guided Tour Designer is then utilized to create new tours for end users. The designer consists of drag and drop steps, callouts explaining each step, and the trigger. The trigger is the action that prompts the guided tour to move on to the next step. 

Once you have created the tour, you will have the option to go back and edit, delete, or re-order any of the tour steps. This is a useful feature as it prevents creators from having to start over when building a new tour. 

Guided tours in ServiceNow are an added bonus for companies especially during the onboarding process for a user. This tool will do some of the work for you and having the option to create guided tours on both the Standard UI and the Service Portal only makes it twice as efficient for a company and its users.

It should be noted that the guided tour designer is only available in the UI16 and some standard forms and lists on the UI and the Service Portal aren’t currently supported with guided tours in ServiceNow.

While the guided tour you created may not be filled with fluffy clouds and happy trees – your users will enjoy the masterpieces you’ve designed.  

To learn about some examples of how to utilize guided tours with your organization, check out our blog post ServiceNow’s Guided Tours” .

Refer to the products docs for more information.