Performance Analytics Training Series: Indicator Sources

The first component of building reports in Performance Analytics is called an indicator source.  Indicator sources specify the table, frequency of data collection, and base level conditions for filtering the data from your selected table.

To reiterate, there are two major components of indicator source:

  1. The data source, which is a facts table or report source (for this series, we will be using facts tables as our data source)
  2. Conditions, sometimes referred to as queries

ServiceNow provides many out-of-box indicator sources, but you may need to create one that is specifically catered to your organization’s needs. It is important to remember that when creating an indicator source, the data conditions should be kept high level since it will likely be used for multiple indicators. Well-designed indicator source conditions may be used to produce other indicators that do not require additional conditions to be set.

In this video, you will learn how to create an indicator source and what functions the different components of it serve.