Now Learning

If you are new to ServiceNow and overwhelmed by the power of this platform, I suggest registering for a course on Now Learning. Now Learning offers live and on-demand classes taught by ServiceNow experts for those looking to become certified. Now Learning has a plethora of programs from overall use to highly specific topics. Since this platform has many capabilities, guidance was extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.

 I started my Now Learning journey with the ServiceNow fundamentals course. I chose the on-demand path. This course is packed with 15 hours and 45 minutes of learning. It is a great overview of the ServiceNow platform for those who have never worked in it. Prior to this, I had never worked in ServiceNow. Although I am a Computer Science major, I feel as though anyone with general technical abilities could grasp a high-level understanding of the platform from this course. Another bonus to paying for this course, upon completion, I received a voucher to register for the System Admin Certification exam.

The fundamentals course contains 16 unique modules offering a taste of the different abilities of the platform. Each module offers a knowledge check to ensure the user understands what they have learned. My personal favorite of the entire path is the Fundamentals Simulator. This allows you to get hands-on experience with the modules you have learned. If you are anything like me, I learn best by doing. I appreciate the way Now Learning caters to all learners by offering video explanations, text information, and actual challenges to complete within the simulator.

If you are intrigued or just desperate to better understand ServiceNow, go register for the Fundamentals course. The current cost of this course (as of July 2021) is only $300 and the skills you will take with you are priceless!