Inbound Email Helper for Domain Separated Instances

In Domain Separated instances, the need often arises to create tasks from emails sent in by individuals that aren’t users in the system. This provides a challenge, as there’s no out of box solution for routing these emails into the correct client companies and domains.

In order to solve this problem, we created a utility update set, and we now believe it’s ready to share with the community.

This update set requires a knowledgeable admin to properly implement — it provides a custom table intended to help with routing inbound emails to the proper company and domain.

It gracefully handles scenarios where the individual user cannot be found based on the “from” email address.

Solution provides for:

  1. Email Suffixes
    1.” would go to the Disney domain.
  2. Email Forwarders
    1. Every email sent to [email protected], (which forwarded the email into the system) would properly go Pepsi domain
  3. Email Addresses
    1. If a user has 5 email addresses they use you can list them out so that the system properly identifies the user record for all 5 email addresses.

Get it over on share here:!/share/contents/9326002_domain_email_helper?t=PRODUCT_DETAILS