Asset & CI Utilities

ServiceNow places restrictions on modifying Model Categories after initial creation — they don’t let you update the Asset class or CI class at all!

This application provides a user-friendly way to run scripts in the background that update model categories, bypassing ServiceNow’s OOB restrictions.

It also provides for easily creating CIs for all of the Assets in a particular category.

It’s a set of 3 simple utilities created to help make the management of CI and Asset relationships easier. 

Use at your own risk, as this violates ServiceNow’s design for Asset & CI Categories — however I’ve personally found this to be an extremely useful tool when working to improve a client’s Asset Management implementation.

Quick-start guide:

  • Install update set
  • Look for “Asset and CI Utils” in the left hand navigation.

Finite Credit: Garrett Griffin-Morales

Get it here:!/share/contents/9326002_asset_and_ci_utilities?t=PRODUCT_DETAILS