Bit #1: Get LastPass to tell Instances Apart

As a consultant, we often have to deal with a whole slew of instances at any given time. Each Customer can have a different login and password, and occasionally each Customer will have 3 different instances, all with different passwords.

The lazy way to handle this situation is what I’ve seen far too many consultants doing: using the same username and password for every account. This way they either memorize the credentials, or they put one set of credentials into something like LastPass, and have it autolog them in to every single ServiceNow instance they visit.

There’s a better way.

Using LastPass, it’s easy to generate secure passwords, and ensure you use a unique password for every instance. However, doing so with ServiceNow is a headache — because LastPass doesn’t know the difference between and

But have no fear! After 4 years of struggling with this, I finally found a solution! It’s called URL Rules in LastPass.

Here’s the steps to set it up:

1. Open up your vault.

2. Go to Account Settings in the bottom left corner.

3. Click on URL Rules on the far right side.

4. Click on Add.

5. Fill in the details as shown below, and click Add.

Voila! Now LastPass will properly distinguish between ServiceNow instances, and you can be more secure by creating unique passwords for each client!